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There has been quite a bit of interest lately in hydros.  So here are photos of 6 for which we have plans.  We also have plans for racing runabouts.  Just email me if you have a particular length and I will dig it out and scan it in for you. 

All plans are only $15 to cover the cost of copying and mailing.


skeeter.jpg (10166 bytes) Skeeter is 7' 10" and weighs about 85 lbs.  She seats 1 and uses a 5 HP up to a 10 HP motor.  She has done up to 40 m.p.h.


Hydro Kart is 8' and uses a 6.5 kart engine and goes 50 mph!  To keep weight below 100 lbs for competition use 1/8" plywood.


Spitfire is a 9' 10" hydro "eligible for racing in santioned class B regattas."

She will do 50 mph with a Mercury Hurricane engine. (I believe this is about a 20 HP unit.)

Dragonfly II

DragonFly II is 10' overall, seats 1, weighs about 110 without motor and steering gear. Use a 7.5HP up to 17 HP motor.


Vamoose is a Class B outboard Hydroplane.  She is 10' 2 +   5/8" and weighs a little over 100 lbs.  She reaches speeds of   "50 mph with a class B racing outboard."

Hasty Hornet

Hasty Hornet is 11' and weighs about 130 lbs. and  seats 1.   "Will produce speeds well over 40 mph ... if your motor and angle are right."

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Here are some more boat plans we can copy for you:

This is the Arrow. 

She is 13'1" in length and has a beam of 4' 10".  She can be powered with 10 to 33 hp which will give a speed of 20 to 35 mph.  Weight is approximately 450 lbs.




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dolly varden Dolly Varden is an open utility outboard designed for fishing and general use on lakes and rivers. Construction is strip planking with steam bent ribs.        She is 13' or 15'6" with a beam of 4'2".  Weight is about 175 lbs. 

14 knots is easily obtained with a 7hp motor.


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doodlebug.JPG (33641 bytes) doodle bug.JPG (22175 bytes)
The Doodle Bug is a single cockpit, outboard hydroplane.  She takes a 9 to 25 hp outboard.  11' 10"                           



Here are some boats we have for sale.

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New Price
1908 Lawley Sloop 31' as is $1,000, fully restored $37,000 

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1962 Old Town Runabout as is $1,000 fully restored $7,500.  We have the original Johnson Outboard and the original glass windsheilds.  She is going to be a beauty!


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