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A New Bottom For A Grand Prix


The 1968 Grand Prix was the last of the Chris Crafts made in Wood.


niceybefore.jpg (117526 bytes)
  The owner wants a new bottom.  Rather than put on the traditional bottom of canvas between pocket options broker planks, this boat is getting a laminated bottom.



niceyone.jpg (59052 bytes)
     First step is to roll the boat over.   To do that, she needs something to rest on.  This cradle, built inside the hull will support the boat as she is rolled and while the new bottom is put in place.



niceytwo.jpg (60550 bytes)
    To the Crane!   Here she is in the cradle straps of the crane.



niceythree.jpg (56403 bytes)
    And neatly rolled over using the straps pocket options demo and some man-power !



niceyfour.jpg (45067 bytes)
     Here is a shot of the crane and crew.



niceyfive.jpg (57525 bytes)
 Back on her trailer and into the shop.


nicey2.jpg (48495 bytes)
     First step is to prepare the old bottom for use as a mold.



lengthwise_planks.jpg (48223 bytes)
   Spanish Cedar and real mahogany are used to build up the 5 layers of wood and epoxy.    The wood is layered fore and aft on this layer.


keel_to_chine.jpg (42888 bytes)
    And on other layers it is applied diagonally.



epoxy.jpg (52377 bytes)
  Each layer is epoxied in place and held with staples which are removed when the epoxy is ready.  The heavy frames shown are to force the layers to mold to the shape of the original bottom.



stapling.jpg (66157 bytes)

   Marshall  stapling on the fourth layer.




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